Sinikael pardid, Ducks

The Mallard is a medium-sized dabbling duck with distinctive plumage and behaviors. Male Mallards, or drakes, feature a glossy green head, white neck ring, chestnut-brown breast, and grayish body, while females, or hens, have mottled brown plumage for camouflage. Found across North America, Europe, and Asia, Mallards inhabit a variety of wetland habitats, including lakes, rivers, marshes, and urban ponds. They are known for their characteristic dabbling behavior, tipping forward in shallow water to feed on aquatic plants, seeds, and invertebrates. During the breeding season, males display courtship behaviors, including head bobbing and vocalizations, to attract females. Mallards are adaptable and often seen in urban environments, making them one of the most recognized and widespread duck species worldwide.

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